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Isn't it wonderful to pick an apple straight from a tree and experience the full taste of the fruit? Fruit tastes wonderful mostly when it's tried in the place it was grown. Unfortunately, fruit rarely grows exactly in place where we want to eat it. But why should we take away the pleasure of enjoying the true taste of fruit from our customers?

What's our pride?

At Coshtella we do everything to make apples and other fruit taste as naturally as if they were just picked. We do everything to supply our customer with the full range of taste. What's our pride? The fact that we can enjoy the taste of our fruit not only in the orchard, in front of our home, but also in every place on our planet.

The Region

Our orchards are located in Warka region – in the heart of the biggest orchard in Europe. That's the place where the soil and the climate, together with natural processes of fruit growing respecting the natural ecosystem, enable us to produce the higest quality apples. It is here where nature decided to create ideal conditions for growing the best apple trees and ripening ideal apples. Apples whose taste and quality are valued by consumers from all over the world. In our work, through cooperation with nature, we try to take advantage of the climatic values of our region.